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The Your Home 5th Edition content is available to download below.

Please note, the Design For Place content and house plans are not listed. You can print each page individually and download the plans here.  

Title Download
Abbreviations Abbreviations [pdf 35.4 KB]
Adapting to climate change Adapting to climate change [pdf 1.6 MB]
Affordability Affordability [pdf 874.49 KB]
Appliances Appliances [pdf 2.67 MB]
Australian climate zones Australian climate zones [pdf 629.6 KB]
Autoclaved aerated concrete Autoclaved aerated concrete [pdf 2.89 MB]
Batteries and inverters Batteries and inverters [pdf 1009.01 KB]
Before you begin Before you begin [pdf 1.32 MB]
Birkenhead, South Australia Birkenhead, South Australia [pdf 2.06 MB]
Brickwork and blockwork Brickwork and blockwork [pdf 1.97 MB]
Building rating tools Building rating tools [pdf 155.68 KB]
Buying a home off the plan Buying a home off the plan [pdf 5.07 MB]
Buying an existing home Buying an existing home [pdf 1.43 MB]
Buying and renovating an apartment Buying and renovating an apartment [pdf 2.08 MB]
Caloundra, Queensland Caloundra, Queensland [pdf 2.22 MB]
Carbon zero, carbon positive Carbon zero, carbon positive [pdf 473.59 KB]
Case studies Case studies [pdf 17.69 MB]
Challenging sites Challenging sites [pdf 5.37 MB]
Choosing a site Choosing a site [pdf 3.14 MB]
Cladding systems Cladding systems [pdf 1.27 MB]
Concrete slab floors Concrete slab floors [pdf 3.42 MB]
Construction systems Construction systems [pdf 5.41 MB]
Curtin, Australian Capital Territory Curtin, Australian Capital Territory [pdf 2.46 MB]
Darwin River, Northern Territory Darwin River, Northern Territory [pdf 4.66 MB]
Design for climate Design for climate [pdf 1.62 MB]
Embodied energy Embodied energy [pdf 863.58 KB]
Energy Energy [pdf 383.2 KB]
Fitzroy North, Victoria Fitzroy North, Victoria [pdf 3.21 MB]
Glazing Glazing [pdf 2 MB]
Glossary Glossary [pdf 113.96 KB]
Green roofs and walls Green roofs and walls [pdf 7.46 MB]
Heating and cooling Heating and cooling [pdf 1.58 MB]
Home automation Home automation [pdf 1.94 MB]
Home entertainment and office equipment Home entertainment and office equipment [pdf 3.21 MB]
Hot water service Hot water service [pdf 4.89 MB]
Housing Housing [pdf 3.32 MB]
How to use Your Home How to use Your Home [pdf 75.78 KB]
Insulating concrete forms Insulating concrete forms [pdf 174.3 KB]
Insulation Insulation [pdf 626.04 KB]
Insulation installation Insulation installation [pdf 3.69 MB]
Introduction Introduction [pdf 33.22 KB]
Landscaping and garden design Landscaping and garden design [pdf 3.64 MB]
Lighting Lighting [pdf 8.31 MB]
Lightweight framing Lightweight framing [pdf 2.71 MB]
Materials Materials [pdf 2.09 MB]
Mud brick Mud brick [pdf 2.17 MB]
Noise control Noise control [pdf 749.74 KB]
Orientation Orientation [pdf 2.21 MB]
Outdoor water use Outdoor water use [pdf 3.01 MB]
Parkside, South Australia Parkside, South Australia [pdf 2.6 MB]
Passive cooling Passive cooling [pdf 4.92 MB]
Passive design Passive design [pdf 2.64 MB]
Passive solar heating Passive solar heating [pdf 2.54 MB]
Perth, Western Australia Perth, Western Australia [pdf 1.61 MB]
Photovoltaic systems Photovoltaic systems [pdf 1.25 MB]
Planning home improvements Planning home improvements [pdf 1.42 MB]
Precast concrete Precast concrete [pdf 3.07 MB]
Preliminary research Preliminary research [pdf 3.34 MB]
Rainwater Rainwater [pdf 3.74 MB]
Rammed earth Rammed earth [pdf 2.09 MB]
Reducing water demand Reducing water demand [pdf 1.96 MB]
Renewable energy Renewable energy [pdf 767.07 KB]
Renovations and additions Renovations and additions [pdf 3.86 MB]
Repairs and maintenance Repairs and maintenance [pdf 1.01 MB]
Safety and security Safety and security [pdf 472.99 KB]
Sealing your home Sealing your home [pdf 1.53 MB]
Sediment control Sediment control [pdf 640.51 KB]
Shading Shading [pdf 4.72 MB]
Skylights Skylights [pdf 1.01 MB]
Smart meters, displays and appliances Smart meters, displays and appliances [pdf 1.13 MB]
Stormwater Stormwater [pdf 1.41 MB]
Straw bale Straw bale [pdf 7.26 MB]
Streetscape Streetscape [pdf 705.25 KB]
Sydney North Shore, New South Wales Sydney North Shore, New South Wales [pdf 2.28 MB]
The construction process The construction process [pdf 1.44 MB]
The design process The design process [pdf 2.31 MB]
The healthy home The healthy home [pdf 1.5 MB]
The livable and adaptable house The livable and adaptable house [pdf 2.02 MB]
Thermal mass Thermal mass [pdf 2.18 MB]
Transport Transport [pdf 1.63 MB]
Waste minimisation Waste minimisation [pdf 3.48 MB]
Wastewater reuse Wastewater reuse [pdf 1.25 MB]
Water Water [pdf 3.26 MB]
Waterless toilets Waterless toilets [pdf 943.08 KB]
Welcome to Your Home Welcome to Your Home [pdf 2.05 MB]
Wind systems Wind systems [pdf 870.71 KB]